Healthier, Happier Strathfield


One of the main initiatives I have been working on recently is Healthier, Happier Strathfield. It is my vision to improve the holistic wellbeing of the electorate through an aspirational long-term Community Wellbeing Strategy.

My goals are based around one key insight: physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing are intrinsically interconnected. This means that we cannot address issues in isolation but must look at how they fit within the bigger picture.

We are not alone in seeking solutions and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our approach seeks to identify initiatives that are already in place and connect the efforts of organisations and individuals to amplify their impact. We will enable government, community and business partnerships to find the best practice solutions our community deserves. And of course, we will partner with the community in designing and delivering these solutions.

I would love to hear your input and ideas around wellbeing and our electorate. Email me at [email protected] or via the contact form on this website.

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