I was born in Sydney and grew up in Bexley in Sydney’s South West. Mum and Dad migrated to Australia from Hong Kong in 1960. Mum was a public school teacher and Dad owned a small manufacturing business. They worked incredibly hard so my sister and I could have the best opportunities.

Before entering Parliament, I had a career in law, business and community advocacy, particularly for diversity and inclusion. I am a Pro-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, a member of the University’s Senate and Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee. I have also been a non-executive director of the George Institute for Global Health, AsiaLink, the National Centre for Volunteering and a governing member of the Smith Family.

I believe passionately in the transformative power of education, in the vital importance of medical research and strong public healthcare systems, in small business as the most dynamic pillar of our economy and in the role of active citizens in our precious democracy. I also believe in the critical role of collaboration in solving the great challenges of our society such as climate change and inequality.

My goal is to be an outstanding representative for residents of all backgrounds and aspirations in Strathfield. I am committed to improving our healthcare options and wellbeing, lifting the quality of our schools, supporting our local economy to thrive and our local communities to be more liveable, green and connected.